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Entry #4

Good/Bad News

2009-10-22 17:21:47 by BloodFest

Hi people.
It's been ages since the last time I visited NG lol.

The good news: I got a job now, not the best but at least I get paid for doing what I learnt to do during my college years.

The bad news: I don't have enough time to keep playing and recording stuff... Sorry but I'll have to leave NG, perhaps I'll come back someday.

And Last but not least: I'm recording one final song, check it out @ my profile soon.



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2009-10-22 17:32:08

sick guitar dude.

BloodFest responds:

Thanks hehe


2009-10-25 16:51:33

Well.. That sucks big time.. That is a major loss for the audio portal. Hope you will do well out there in the real world :)